Saturday, January 14, 2012

Week 1 Reflection post.

It is my first week on "Webskills" online course at University of Oregon.

I can summarize what i have learn this week by the following list:
  • Learning about the course outline and how to get start on the course by reading the course description and other details on the course web site:  Webskills UO.
  • Learning about and register on it.
    • is providing a web-based classroom environment  where teachers can create courses and start sharing information , discussion and Ideas with there student.
    • web-based classroom environment systems also called LMS ( Learning Management Systems) and there is alot of them in the market where some are free like ( Moodle ) and some of them are  not free like (  WebCT ) from Blackboard Inc.
    • BrandonHall Group is a great company which establish evaluation reports about LMS and other subject that related to e Learning systems.
  • Learning about wiki and experience the use of them by joining the wiki site created by Ms Janine   []
    • On the course wiki i learned about Using Google Maps for Classroom Projects and its a useful tools for teaching students specially when it come to encourage them to talk about there places and also talking about other places on the earth.
    • To know more about what is wiki and what web technology used for it you can access this page:
    • Creating wiki is also an experience that i learn on this week and i found it easy for every one where it is only just required Google account and following the instruction on this site:
  • Creating Blogs
    • From my opinion its the most interested thing on the first week of the course and you are reading my reflection blog which I create it to be my weekly reporting journal.
    • Creating the blog is very easy process and every one with Google account can create a blog by following the very user friendly web site: 
    • Also I have read the article [ ]  and I learn a great tips on how to integrate the use of blog in teaching English class like:
      • Mystery guest.
      • Project work.
      • International link-ups.
      • Photoblog.
  • Ground Rules for Discussions


  1. Hello Nasser,
    I am so glad to be the first again to post a comment about your reflective blog. It looks great and I congratulate you for creating this. I agree with you about everything you mentioned. All these things are so interesting. I am also glad that we are in the same classroom.
    Best regards.