Saturday, January 21, 2012

Week 2 Reflection post

Dear All welcome to Week 2 Reflection post for the Webskills online course.
This week start with reading task where we have tow subject to read about:

  1. ABCD model for behavioral objectives
I believe if we want to achieve any success on our life we should have a clear aim with clear and specific objectives and as a teachers if our aim is to be success in our class and achieving the results that we aim with our student we should focus on setting the right specific behavioral objectives.

From Pennsylvania State University's Teaching and Learning office I have read this page which gives the basic overview of the ABCD model and how to write clear objectives:

Also in this presentation shared on  I get a clear Idea on how to use the ABCD model to plan a class with IT goals.

Finally I have read about Classifying Objectives and on this article I get the answer of why should teachers classify objectives?
"Teachers should classify objectives because the type of objectives attempted dictate the selection of instructional methods, media and evaluation used in the lesson."

According to Bloom's Taxonomy the article classify objectives in to three domains cognitive , psychomotor or affective) and after that its go in details about each domain with an examples.

2.  Web Searching

With all thanks to  Ms Janine for introduce this site for us [].
I go through it and it give me a great ideas on how to Choose the Best Search for Your Information Need where it guide the user step by step to fined the best search site for his academic needs.
By browsing this page on the site: ( you can fined how to analyze your search need.
And as an example I do a research to fined about ABCD model and I set as criteria I am looking for Scheme or any Illustration which summarize the ABCD model for behavioral objectives.
From noodleTools I found three sites that I can use to if "I need a specific type of media..." this sites are:
Google Image Search (
Yahoo Image Search (
Flickr (
As I go on fast scan through the result of this three search engine I found Google Images Search is the best where it give me better result then Yahoo Image Search on the second. But Flickr didn't bring any result for my search :"ABCD model for behavioral objectives".

Finally on the web searching reading i enjoy reading : The future of search.

      3-  Project Task 1: Describe your class

1]- The students
English Teachers at Muscat region schools, We have about 900 teacher working in 114 school from 1st class to class 12.
And for my course I will select 20 teacher through the result of survey that i am going to make which will contain some criteria for the students that can participate the course like internet access at there home and school and also the possibility of there student to access the internet.

2]- The Technology 
For the survey I am going to use Google Docs to create it and send the link to all the teachers by cooperating with English Department who I talk to them and ask for English teachers emails list.

I have register for one month trial account with ( )where I am planing to provide an online synchronous training to the teachers who will participate the course.

3]- Project Steps
a- Selecting 4 web tools to train English teachers on how to use them.
b- Providing teachers with tools and tips on how to integrate that web tools in there teaching process.
c- Asking the teachers to select one or more of that tools and prepare a class and writing a report on how is using web tools effecting the result of there teaching.

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  1. Hello Nasser,
    I am glad to be the first to post a comment. I completely agree with everything you wrote in your reflection for Week 2. The week was so amazing where we have picked up many useful things for our teaching. I really like your introducing sentence where you said that if we want to achieve anything in our lives we should have clear aim with clear and specific objectives. This is so true. All topics were so great, but the ABCD model was so fascinating. This model enables us to write clearer, more effective and more precises learning objectives by using behaviour verb.

    Everything the best...