Sunday, January 29, 2012

Week 3 Reflection Post

At the beginning I have to admit that this week I am not doing good on the course because it was very crowded week for me !

And here is a summary of what I have learn :

1- Bookmarking with Delicious is a bookmarking tools where it allow us to save the URL for and favorite site that we like to organize and save it for future use also to share this links with our friends if we like to do that.
The site is easy to use and I have create my own account on it at this link:

2- Oral/Aural Skill Building
First thing I do on this task was reading the article: New Perspectives in Teaching Pronunciation
Then I try practicing the use of lessons and activities on some sites that provide the support and technology to enhance this skills and I like this site :

3- Project Task
On project task this week we have to read an summarize one of the previous project reports don by past Webskills classes.
And I have chose  to write about Nadina Nicolici project.
The most thing that attract me on Nadina project that she could be a great example for experience educators who didn't use the webskills on there classroom before and come to fine how did that skills effect there students result.
And here you can find the report of Nadina project:

Best regards .... to all 

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  1. Hi my brother Nasser

    Hope you are having nice day.
    i was looking for your posts this week but missed them as you said it was very crowded week .
    Hope you have finished all your work in a good way as you used to.

    please feel free to comment at my blog